Eco-Bismuth Micro Lead Copper

We directly get the authorization of Japan, and successfully develop eco-bismuth unleaded Copper & cadmium brass rods and ingots including unleaded brass ingots, unleaded bronze ingots, unleaded brass rods, and unleaded bronze rods.


1. Conform to the American NSF warrant, California AB1953 unleaded standard, and European RoHS standard.

2.  Eco-Bismuth unleaded alloy copper rods and ingots contain silicon and bismuth, and own more outstanding physical and

    mechanical processing characteristic. Therefore, it can substitute for unleaded copper.

3. And we also can manufacture product according to the element customer assigned, satisfy the needs of customers.


The unleaded copper ingot can be applied to cast sand mold, the gravity casting processing, and the unleaded copper rob can be applied to forging and CNC lather process of various parts of downstream industry.